Romans Warn On The Dangers Of Pegasus

“Thousands of visitors enjoy traveling to the Roman amphitheater and ruins at Silchester every year. But how would it be, if instead of leaving us these fascinating historical sites, they left behind their toxic radioactive waste and a poisoned environment for us to inherit?

“That is exactly what we are planning to do with the waste that will be created by AWE’s Project Pegasus. Because, we have devised no method of disposing of this waste in a way which is safe and poses no risks to the environment.

“Our historical view of the Romans would be very different if they had been irresponsible enough to have left us with the expense and danger of managing their unwanted radioactive wastes, yet that is exactly what we are planning to do for the generations who follow us.”    

Hopeful that their warning would be heeded, the Romans headed to the amphitheater at Silchester to admire the wounder of the structure and consider in a 1000 years how the areas inhabitants might answer the question ‘what did AWE ever do for us?     

You can see photos of the Romans visit by clicking on the links below. 

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