Greens offer way forward on nuclear sub controversy

Green MSPs today placed a motion before parliament proposing a constructive solution to the controversy over nuclear submarine disposal.

Mark Ruskell MSP is proposing that the ongoing argument about whether they should be moved elsewhere for breaking up, or kept at Rosyth are both dangerous strategies that could result in radioactive pollution to the environment. Ruskell instead suggests that the best option is to remove the entire sealed nuclear sections of the subs at Rosyth and put them in land based storage, and that no new submarines be brought to Scotland. Mark Ruskell said, "My strategy is to cut out the pollution and cut out the risk, not cut these things up or move them. Most other proposals are too risky for the environment. To move the subs elsewhere is dangerous, to try to dismantle and dispose of the nuclear sections on site is dangerous and to leave them in the water is dangerous. The most responsible course of action is containment and safety – and to say no to any more of this nuclear legacy in the future."

Ruskell added, "The environment and the health of people must come first in this debate and the motion calls for the best option that will protect the environment. I urge local people to support this approach in the consultation on disposal options that is running till the end of this year."

Ruskell pressed Executive Ministers today asking them to agree that no cutting up of nuclear submarine reactor compartments should take place in Scotland and that only the cutting out and land based storage of the entire sealed nuclear reactor compartments of only those existing submarines stored afloat at Rosyth should be considered for consent by SEPA.

For further information contact George Baxter on 0790 99 33 074 or on 0131
348 6376

Notes to editors
1. The motion placed before parliament today:
– That the Parliament condemns any plans to cut up and dispose of nuclear
waste from the reactor compartments of de-commissioned nuclear submarines stored in Scotland; considers that land based storage at Rosyth of sealed reactor compartments cut out from those de-commissioned submarines currently stored afloat is the best environmental option; further considers that no additional nuclear submarines should be brought to Scotland for disposal or storage; and that no new nuclear submarines should be added to the navy fleet.

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