Greenpeace investigation shows that replacing Trident will cost £97 billion

An investigation by Greenpeace has shown that the costs of replacing Trident will total £97 billion over the whole life of the project – far above the £20 billion figure usually quoted by the government.

Greenpeace has shown that, when operating costs and hidden additional costs are added to the £20 billion costs of constructing new submarines – the figure usually given by the government for replacement of Trident – the costs over the whole life of the project soar to a massive £97 billion: ten times the annual budget of the entire British army.

Each of the main political parties has promised to review defence spending after the election, and political commitment to the renewal of Trident appears to be wavering in the light of the high costs of the project and opinion polls which consistently show that the public do not wish to see money spent on new nuclear weapons.

Watch the Greenpeace video about Trident replacement and download the research report 'In The Firing Line' here:

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