Proposal: DOE Circular18/84 Laser research facility (Orion)05/02003/RESMAJ

Congratulations to cautious Planning Committee
NIS has passed on congratulations received from peace activists to members of the planning committee who decided on 23rd November to defer a decision on the “Reserved Matters” application from AWE for the proposed new Laser facility. The Planning Officer has agreed to send us the Strategic Sustainability Appraisal produced by AWE at the eleventh hour. This report is not expected to be very relevant, as it is no substitute for an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Committee ignores Planning Officer’s Advice
The Committee’s decision was unusual in that it went against the Planning Officer’s repeated advice, written and verbal, to “raise no objection”.

Public Participation
Letters inviting Objectors to attend the next planning meeting to consider the AWE plan have to be sent out to inform you of the date and location. But before that, Officers have to address the concerns of committee members, and they do not consider there is time to do that before Christmas. The projected date for the matter to go before committee again is Wednesday 25th January.

Applicant: MoD Estates Blandford House Aldershot GU11 2HA Tel: 01252 361922
Contact: WBC Case Officer: Clive Inwards WBC Market Street Newbury RG14 5DL Tel: 01635-5191111

Season’s Greetings

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