The hearing
Eastern Area Planning Committee of West Berkshire Council is expected to hear the case for the MoD Orion Laser on


Wednesday 23rd November 2005
The venue is to be confirmed but is expected to be the at the Calcot Community Centre, Reading (off Bath Road/ M4 J12)

DOE Circular18/84 Replacement Laser research facility (Orion)05/02003/RESMAJ

The Ministry of Defence Planning Notice for a Replacement Laser research facility (Orion) at AWE Aldermaston, is to be heard earlier than expected on 23rd November. The Agenda is not yet listed on the website, but Objectors should receive a letter inviting them to attend the meeting and to ask if you want to speak.

Public Participation
Please attend if you can and register a wish to speak. The Council practice of allowing only 5 minutes for speakers for and against an application is a problem it will have to address. Unlike previous occasions, it seems inappropriate for anyone to agree not to speak, given the seriousness of the issues involved.

An overflowing public gallery will ensure that the Committee knows the strength of feeling against this proposal. It could sway the committee to take more time, require further information or even record a verdict of "don't know" that would have to be taken as a "No".

The Notice is not an "application" since the Council, through its Planning Committee, cannot approve or refuse such government plans. But the council may raise objections or inform the MoD that the council has objections.

In the meanwhile, NIS will be approaching both WBC and the MoD to suggest that the MoD Applicant, Basil Richie, should attend.

MoD Estates Blandford House Aldershot GU11 2HA Tel: 01252 361922 

WBC Case Officer: Clive Inwards WBC Market Street Newbury RG14 5DL cinwards@westberks.gov.uk


Tel: 01635-5191111

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