Update January 2008


NIS UPDATE                                                   January 2008


 AWE HEFF comes before Planning Meeting


The High Explosives Fabrication Facility application is likely to go to West Berks. Eastern Area Planning Committee on the 6th Feb 2008. The time and place is expected to by 6pm at the Calcot Community Centre, Reading. This information is not yet listed on the website:


Grounds for HEFF planning refusal

The committee could refuse this application because information withheld for national security reasons, leaves insufficient information available on which to comment. The Local Planning Authority (LPA) has a responsibility to give consultees sufficient information on which to assess the plans. The committee itself is being asked to approve plans for a building with serious hazards, with insufficient information. National security exemption certificate(s) do not resolve the problem since the council cannot ignore a legal obligation.

  Judicial Review of AWE Aldermaston Bylaws  On Friday 1st February 2008 a legal challenge to byelaws introduced at (AWE) Aldermaston in May last year is being brought by a member of the Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp (AWPC), represented by Public Interest Lawyers at the High Court, The Strand, London. The claimant is seeking a judicial review of the MoD decision to enact byelaws that deny AWPC their right to freedom of assembly at the 22-year-old monthly camp. It will be argued that the criminalisation of camping (AWPC’s core activity) by the byelaws is unreasonable, unjustified and contrary to Articles 10 and 11 of the Human Rights Act. The claimant is seeking a review of: whether the decision taken by the Ministry of Defence to introduce the byelaws was lawful and proportionate; the lawfulness of some of the byelaws; and the refusal of the MoD in May 2007 to fully amend the byelaws following a public consultation period. The Hearing will determine whether the High Court will proceed with a judicial review. If the decision is made to proceed, the arguments will be heard immediately. It is a public hearing expected to begin at 10.00am.


On the ground at AWE

On AWE’s north side, demolition of the old buildings on the explosives area appears to be complete in preparation for the new building project.
 A new road system using traffic lights has been introduced on the contractors’ access road to the Orion building sitefrom Westgate. Traffic now enters Orion from the other side of the building to the A340, although the existing "sterile zone" road is still available to the MDP.

A census /traffic counting survey is underway at Cavella roundabout and at the Burghfield roundabout and along the road to the (old) Main Gate.  Inside the AWE site, a new surveillance camera appears to be going up at the south east corner.

At AWE Burghfield, the High Security Area (HSA) has again been suffering from flooding.

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