NIS briefing: Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

As the nuclear ban treaty is opened for signature, NIS is updating our briefing paper examining which aspects of the UK’s nuclear weapons programme would be affected if the UK were to sign the ban treaty.

The briefing considers the major prohibitions in the treaty: possession, development and stockpiling; use and threat of use, international movement of nuclear weapons; testing; and assisting others with prohibited activities. It also considers the provisions for providing help to people affected by the legacy of nuclear weapons use and testing. Using the UK as a case study, the briefing paper explores the scope of the treaty and discusses the disarmament and verification measures in the treaty before concluding with an overview of what disarmament for the UK would look like under the provisions of the ban treaty.

As well as giving readers in the UK a better understanding of the proposed ban treaty and what it entails, it is hoped that an examination of the specific context of the UK can help to contextualise the legal measures in the treaty and provide a deeper understanding of some of its provisions.

This briefing updates an earlier version which was released at the end of the negotiations in July and was based on a draft text rather than the final agreed version.  Campaigners are confident that 50 states will sign the treaty in the first few days it is open for signature. It will come into force once it has been ratified by 50 states.

The briefing paper can be downloaded below.


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