Plutonium Shipment to France, Contamination Risk for Southern England.

*Plutonium Shipment*

Under a commercial agreement between AREVA and Sellafield Limited, plutonium to be used in MOX fuel fabrication is being shipped between the Sellafield plant in Great Britain and the Melox plant in southern France. Today, the plutonium was delivered to the La Hague plant to be repackaged in canisters capable of being handled by the equipment at the Melox plant, where it will subsequently be shipped. Sellafield Limited contracted with Melox to fabricate MOX fuel for its utility customers.

Areva Press Release 21st May 2008 (not on the website yet – but the earlier one from 19th May is:

The first of a number of shipments of Sellafield plutonium sailed from the Port of Workington last weekend on board the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s ship Atlantic Osprey. The secretive night shipment, already delayed by two months because its original departure date was leaked in advance to the press, was accompanied by what one local resident described as ‘over the top, wall-to-wall security’ which sealed off the docks. Cumbrians Opposed to Radioactive Environment’s Martin Forwood said: “In its powder form this plutonium is prime terrorist material. Its shipment to France is highly irresponsible at this time of heightened terrorist activity around the world and its transport endangers all communities along the sea route. Whitehaven News 21st May 2008

thanks to Pete Roche

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