In 2001 the MoD published an incomplete nuclear convoy accident list

The Illminster Accident

On 17th September 1988 on the A303 Illminster bypass an MG sports car crossed the road and collided head on with a Mammoth Major nuclear weapon transporter. The driver of the MG was killed and petrol from the car spilled around the Mammoth Major but did not ignite. The carrier ended up inches from a steep embankment.

This accident is omitted from the MoD list and mysteriously reference to it has also disappeared from the Hansard record of 26th March 2003 when Lord Armstrong of Illminster referred to the accident in the House of Lords in a debate on security and individual liberty. Whereas a Google search… see this document for more. 

See also Catagory 1 Accident List from 1966

In addition:

July 27, 1956

A B-47 bomber crashed into a nuclear weapons storage facility at the USAF Lakenheath Air Base in Suffolk, England, during a training exercise. The nuclear weapons storage facility, known as an "igloo," contained three Mark 6 bombs. Preliminary exams by bomb disposal officers said it was a miracle that one Mark 6 with exposed detonators sheared didn't explode. The B-47's crew was killed.

February 28, 1958

A B-47 based at the U.S. air base at Greenham Common, England, reportedly loaded with a nuclear weapon, caught fire and completely burned. In 1960, signs of high-level radioactive contamination were detected around the base by a group of scientists working at the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment (AWRE). The U.S. government has never confirmed whether the accident involved a nuclear warhead.


In addition to the three road traffic accidents referred to in the table (see attached file above), our research has identified one other, similar, event which took place in 1960 in Lincolnshire. There is no damage to the weapon involved. written answers 17 Jul 2001 : Column: 140, Nuclear Weapons (Accidents)

June 25, 1985

A collision between two Mammoth Major warhead carriers took place on in the middle of Helensburgh. One vehicle braked suddenly and the carrier behind collided with it – the rear vehicle was damaged and had to be towed back to Coulport.

January 10, 1987

A Mammoth Major nuclear weapons transporter slid off an icy road and landed on its side in a ditch near Dean Hill in Wiltshire.

December 1, 1991

The M25 around J20 was closed and a crane was brought in to lift the nuclear weapons from one vehicle to another when a Mammoth Major carrier broke down.

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