NIS alerts BBC to nuclear waste train breakdown

NIS alerts BBC to nuclear waste train breakdown

At 17.30 on 24th October, Eleanor Carpenter, a NIS networker based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne alerted the NIS office to the closure of Sunderland rail station due to a damaged nuclear train.

NIS immediately alerted BBC News intake who followed it up with the police and British Rail. The hazard of fire in the confined space of this underground rail station is downplayed in this BBC report, but there could have been a horrendous nuclear accident if this fire had taken hold.

It is to be hope that trains loaded with both new nuclear fuel rods and the more deadly spent fuel at the end of its cycle, will no longer use this route between the Hartlepool reactor and BNFL Sellafield. However, an alternative route would involve going through Middlesborough, Darlington,York, Leeds, Keighley across to the west coast.

Bellona says that the number of incidents involving nuclear materials on railways, roads, waterways and in the air rose from four in 1972 to 35 in 2001.

The BBC News published this article

Sellafield train closes station

Sunderland train station The train station has since re-opened to passengers

Sunderland train station was evacuated after a train carrying two nuclear flasks to Sellafield broke down.

Follow link below for the complete article.




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