Oxford Mail: How safe are we?

The prospect of highly volatile nuclear material being transported past our front doors is an unnerving one, to say the least.

So protesters were right to turn out at the weekend to highlight the practice and demand that safer methods of moving it to be adopted.

Whether or not their calls will be heeded is another matter.

The fact is that nuclear material has been transported by road and rail through Oxfordshire — and in the face of frequent protests — for many years.

During that time, the Government would no doubt point out, there has not been a single recorded incident which has endangered the public.

That's no doubt true. But there is a first time for everything and we don't want it to be here.

At the very least, we need a categorical assurance, backed up by hard evidence, that transporting nuclear material through our back yard is 100 per cent safe.

Anything less than that simply will not do.

Until that time, more power to the protesters' elbows.


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