Parliamentary Answers on Trident



 Nick Harvey <> (North Devon, Liberal Democrat)  To ask the Secretary of State <> for Defence how much his Department has spent on the development of a replacement Arming, Fuzing and Firing system for the Trident warhead; and when the system will enter service.

Des Browne <> (Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence)
It is not our practice to comment on the details of UK <> warhead design. I am withholding the information requested because it relates to national security and defence in the UK.

Written answers

     Thursday, 6 July 2006


Nick Harvey <> (North Devon, Liberal Democrat)

To ask the Secretary of State <> for Defence what research his Department has carried out to verify the integrity of Trident targeting and fire control software created and tested in the US <> and from which US-eyes only items have been removed.

Des Browne <> (Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence)
Each new release of Trident fire control software is certified by the US Government <> under the terms of the Polaris Sales Agreement <> (as amended for Trident). Under the agreement, the UK <> has the capability to validate the software models for software performance and verify that the findings are correct. This is undertaken and independently verified by UK experts to ensure the software meets our requirements before being issued to Royal Navy <> submarines.

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