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Nuclear safety event reported every fortnight at Atomic Weapons Establishment

An official record of nuclear incidents has revealed that over the last three years over eighty safety-related events were reported to government safety inspectors by the factory where Britain's nuclear weapons are designed and built – an average of more than two every month.

Improvement Notice served on AWE after radioactive waste failure

The Office for Nuclear Regulation has served a formal Improvement Notice on the Atomic Weapons Establishment following AWE's failure to meet a legal requirement to treat radioactive waste.

Supercomputing upgrade at Atomic Weapons Establishment

The Atomic Weapons Establishment is to receive an upgrade to its high performance supercomputing system to further boost its ability to undertake research contributing to the development of new nuclear weapons.

500 jobs to be cut at Atomic Weapons Establishment

Five hundred jobs are to be axed at the factory which designs and manufactures the UK's nuclear weapons.

Atomic Weapons Establishment off the hook over failure to treat radioactive waste

The Atomic Weapons Establishment will not be prosecuted for failing to treat intermediate level radioactive waste stocks which have accumulated at its Aldermaston site – even though the company defied a legally binding instruction by missing a deadline to deal with the waste.

Atomic Weapons Establishment management contract to be terminated?

A 25 year contract to manage the government laboratory where the UK's nuclear weapons are designed and built may be terminated by the Ministry of Defence as a result of poor performance, safety concerns, and project management failures.