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Investigation by safety watchdog concluded that AWE fire could have resulted “in many fatalities”

A scathing report by the government's health and safety watchdog into a fire which broke out at Britain's nuclear weapons factory has concluded that it was fortunate that the incident did not lead to “numerous fatalities.”

Nuclear weapons factories placed under 'special measures' by government nuclear safety watchdog

The factories which build and maintain the UK's nuclear weapons are among five nuclear sites which require an “enhanced  level of regulatory attention” because of the risks they pose, according to the government's nuclear safety regulator.

Local councils block proposal to cut AWE Aldermaston emergency planning zone

Local councils and emergency services have blocked a bid to halve the area of a nuclear emergency planning zone surrounding the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston, despite a recommendation to scale down the zone by the government agency responsible for nuclear safety.

Cabinet Office investigates Serco government contracts

Serco Group, one of the companies in the management consortium which operates the Atomic Weapons Establishment, is under investigation by a team from the Cabinet office following accusations that it has overcharged the Ministry of Justice by millions of pounds on contracts for tagging offenders.

Environment Agency warns Atomic Weapons Establishment following radioactive effluent investigation

The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) has been served with a formal warning letter and enforcement notice by a government environmental watchdog after increases in levels of tritium – a radioactive form of hydrogen – were found in the Aldermaston Stream.

Permission given for structural repair work to commence at Atomic Weapons Establishment uranium facility

Repair work on corroded structural columns in the A45 facility at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston has begun after the facility was closed last year for failing to meet nuclear safety standards.

New Zealand Superannuation Fund dumps investment in UK nuclear weapons programme

The New Zealand Superannuation Fund has pulled out of investing in Jacobs Engineering Group and Serco Group – two members of the contracting consortium responsible for managing the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), where the UK's nuclear weapons are designed and built.

Nuclear weapons factory operators plead guilty to breaking safety law following fire

The company which operates the factories where the UK's nuclear weapons are manufactured has pleaded guilty to breaking safety law following a fire in which a member of staff was injured.

Spotlight on nuclear factory's failure to publish environmental information

Nuclear Information Service is publishing a series of undisclosed official reports documenting the safety and environmental performance of the Atomic Weapons Establishment during the year 2012.