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Environment Agency raps Atomic Weapons Establishment over radioactive waste management staff shortages

The factory that manufactures the UK's nuclear weapons has been rapped by a government regulatory agency for the second time this year for failings in radioactive waste management arrangements.

Atomic Weapons Establishment managing director steps down

Andrew Jupp

Andrew Jupp, Managing Director at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), has stepped down from the top job at the UK's Trident nuclear weapons factory.

Safety assessment downplays off-site radiation risks at Atomic Weapons Establishment

A new assessment of hazards posed by the site where Britain's nuclear warheads are assembled and dismantled has concluded that there are “no reasonably foreseeable scenarios” that would result in a radiation emergency at the site.

Serco group to repay £68 million to government following tagging fraud

Serco Group, one of the three corporate partners in AWE Management Ltd, the company which runs the UK's nuclear weapons factories, has agreed to repay more than £68 million to the government after overcharging on a contract with the Ministry of Justice for the electronic tagging of prisoners.

Nuclear warhead factory police under investigation for failing to conduct key security duties

Police responsible for guarding the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Burghfield, where the UK's nuclear weapons are assembled, are under investigation for failing to carry out security duties.

Nuclear weapons factories placed under 'special measures' by government nuclear safety watchdog

The factories which build and maintain the UK's nuclear weapons are among five nuclear sites which require an “enhanced  level of regulatory attention” because of the risks they pose, according to the government's nuclear safety regulator.

Cabinet Office investigates Serco government contracts

Serco Group, one of the companies in the management consortium which operates the Atomic Weapons Establishment, is under investigation by a team from the Cabinet office following accusations that it has overcharged the Ministry of Justice by millions of pounds on contracts for tagging offenders.