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NIS Updates

NIS Update April 2017

AWE’s radioactive waste plan, regulator issues new improvement notices and more

New Report on Nuclear Weapons Accidents

A new report from Nuclear Information Service is now available to download as a PDF
Playing with Fire: Nuclear Weapons Incidents and Accidents in the UK

The report, which details over 100 serious incidents and accidents, was launched at a meeting in Portcullis House, Westminster hosted by Kelvin Hopkins MP on February 22nd 2017.  The meeting was well attended by MPs, campaigners, academics and nuclear experts. 

NIS Update: December 2016 special

This special edition of our NIS Update newsletter co-incides with the release of papers from the National Archives about the October 1988 incident when protesters from Faslane Peace Camp managed to break in to the control room of one of the UK's nuclear armed Polaris submarines.  Our reports analyse the papers from the archives and give the astonishing first-hand story of the incident from one of the Peace Campers who boarded the submarine.

NIS Update: September 2016

£73 million a year for policing the UK's nukes, Aldermaston emergency planning area reduced in size, UN to vote on nuclear ban negotiations and more besides.

NIS Update: August 2016

This month our NIS Update newsletter reports on safety issues at the Atomic Weapons Establishment, which continues to require enhanced regulatory attention from the government's safety watchdog.  We explain the impact that shortages on nuclear skilled staff are having on the Ministry of Defence's nuclear weapons and submarine programmes, and also give details of a collision involving the Royal Navy's nuclear-powered submarine HMS Ambush.

NIS Update: April 2016

This month's NIS Update newsletter majors on events at the Atomic Weapons Establishment, where the AWE Management Ltd consortium has retained the contract to manage and operate the establishment and new faces have been appointed to the top jobs.  We also report on news that twenty workers were exposed to radiation during an incident at the Faslane submarine base in 2012, and on arrangements for flying Ministry of Defence nuclear materials between the USA and the UK.

Trident replacement: Costs rise and timetable slips

This special bulletin gives analysis from NIS of the government's Strategic Defence and Security Review and the Trident replacement programme.

NIS Update: August 2015

There's plenty of news from the Atomic Weapons Establishment in this month's edition of our NIS Update newsletter.  The factory where the UK's nuclear weapons are manufactured will stay under 'special measures' for a third year running because of a failure to improve safety performance, and regulators have served a formal Improvement Notice on the Establishment because of issues over the management of radioactive waste.  At the same time, staff numbers at AWE are to be cut by around 500 posts.

NIS Update Newsletter: June 2015

June's NIS Update newsletter reports on government plans to reorganise the Ministry of Defence's nuclear programmes in the face of project delays and safety concerns.  We have news on the discharge of Trident whistleblower William McNeilly from the Royal Navy, and also report on government concerns about delivery of the contract to manage the Atomic Weapons Establishment.

Explosive revelations on Trident safety by Navy whistleblower

A special news bulletin with details of revelations about safety flaws and equipment failures on board Trident submarine HMS Vanguard by Navy whistleblower William McNeilly.