NIS Update: September 2016

The £73m annual bill for policing the UK's military nuclear programme

Providing police cover for the UK's military nuclear programme costs £73m a year according to the latest policing plan for the Ministry of Defence Police. Read more


Aldermaston emergency planning area reduced in size

The area around AWE Aldermaston for which West Berkshire Council is required to have an emergency plan has been reduced in size, but no information has been made public to support claims that risks from the site have been reduced. Read more


Computer theft exposes security shortfalls at AWE

The theft of two computers from the Atomic Weapons Establishment in 2015 has exposed “poor asset management” and “failings” in authorisation processes, according to the results of a Ministry of Defence investigation. Read more


Environment Agency allows increase in radioactive carbon emissions from Devonport Dockyard

The Environment Agency has agreed to allow Devonport Royal Dockyard Ltd (DRDL) permission to increase the quantity of radioactive carbon released into the atmosphere from submarine refit operations. Read more


Blog – UN General Assembly to vote on nuclear ban negotiations

NIS research manager David Cullen examines the politics behind recent developments in the progress towards a nuclear weapon ban at the UN. Read more

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