NIS Update: December 2016 special

This special edition of our NIS Update newsletter co-incides with the release of papers from the National Archives about the October 1988 incident when protesters from Faslane Peace Camp managed to break in to the control room of one of the UK's nuclear armed Polaris submarines.  Our reports analyse the papers from the archives and give the astonishing first-hand story of the incident from one of the Peace Campers who boarded the submarine.  


“Utterly horrified” – Thatcher’s response to peace camp submarine break-in


A protest action in which three protesters from Faslane Peace Camp managed to get into the control room of one of the Royal Navy’s nuclear armed Polaris submarines in 1988 left Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher “utterly horrified”, according to official papers published by the National Archives today.  Read more.



"We're hijacking this submarine.  Take us to Cuba."


Phill Jones' first hand account tells the hair-raising story of how three peace campers broke into one of Britain's nuclear armed submarines.  Read more

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