New Report on Nuclear Weapons Accidents

A new report from Nuclear Information Service is now available to download as a PDF
Playing with Fire: Nuclear Weapons Incidents and Accidents in the UK

The report, which details over 100 serious incidents and accidents, was launched at a meeting in Portcullis House, Westminster hosted by Kelvin Hopkins MP on February 22nd 2017.  The meeting was well attended by MPs, campaigners, academics and nuclear experts. 

Presentations from the author Peter Burt, Dr Philip Webber from Scientists for Global Responsibility and Sean Morris from Nuclear Free Local Authorities were followed by lively discussions with the audience.  The report was also covered in the Mail on Sunday and the Sun.  You will find a short and longer version video report of one of the most serious accidents - when lorries carying nuclear warheads skidded off an icy country road and overturned - told by people who were there and including news footage from the time.

We hope you find the report useful and will share widely.  A limited number of hard copies are available on request to office(at) or 0118 327 4935

If you are able to support our work with a small donation you will help us to continue to research, investigate, publish and share information on the UK nuclear weapons programme that may help the UK move towards eventual disarmament. You can find details of how to donate here.

With best wishes

Nuclear Information Service


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